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Qcards ~ A Deck of 88 Conversation Starters

Available for Purchase AUD$15 ~ 22 February 2017

Creativity at The Roundtable

Oh, the joys of juicy conversation involving curiosity, genuine enquiry, deep listening, and a willingness to share openly in trust. Sally Brocklehurst and I often discuss our experiences of the quintessential ’How are you?’ throw-away question when those asking don’t REALLY want to know :)

We even created a quote on the 9th December 2016 Meaningful Conversations To bring out the best in ourselves and others requires genuine interest, sincere enquiry, and active listening. The art of conversation requires following through and building on the person’s response to your enquiry.

I truly love the satisfaction of a well-rounded, deep conversation with interest for everyone involved. The penny dropped! The AHA! moment arrived! Why not craft a host of authentic questions to help others have more meaningful conversations? So, to this end, we are in the process of creating 100+ open-ended Conversation Warmers that you can use in all manner of situations.

We’re having a fantastic time answering and trialling our questions, and pouncing on each and every visitor to our home in our quest for thorough market research. This ‘Fabulous New Project’ by Sally and Cedar has a life of its own and you’ll be the first to be informed when prepublication orders are being taken and so you can share the good news with your networks and groups. You can stay in touch via my blog if you wish.  http://www.clarityforlife.training/blog


WELCOME to Cedar's Online Shop

at www.clarityforlife.training/cedars_shop.html with items to assist you in dealing with the pleasures and challenges of the major transitions during this unprecedented time of change.

Happiness and quality of life depend largely upon a positive attitude, great discernment, and pristine clarity in order to take the next best steps forward.


Consultations, Clarity Workshops and Online Modules

How effectively are you personally dealing with?

Rude Awakenings: Secrets, lies, and scandals that are being revealed, and a better paradigm for the benefit of all is being crafted by those with integrity, kindness, and wisdom.

Personal Awakenings: Cedar’s work helps to clarify your needs and talents in all areas of life. Designed to help you identify your personal needs in relationships, career, lifestyle, home, finances, health, and spirituality, and ascertain the appropriate steps to achieve them.

Spiritual Awakenings: Life has gone synchronous, and we are becoming conscious quantum light beings again. Conscious connection to your Higher Self and Soul is more easily attainable, and the veils between the finer dimensional realities are thinning to reveal the magnificence of multidimensional life. Previously suppressed innate abilities and new spiritual experiences needing our focussed attention may also require careful midwiving by a skilled mentor or guide.

It is a great honour to work with clients at this deep level.

You may book a consultation or Clarity Workshop at the link below.

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With Love and Peace,



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Clarity for Life Module TIPS

Make the most of the research options on the internet such as YouTube and Vimeo, TED Talks, Podcasts, Audio Books, e-books, Translation Services, Radio, Soundcloud, Social Media, Music Programs, Relationship Quizzes, Counselling Advice etc.




Ascension Symptoms and Reconnection to Divine Source

Thank You Dear Readers - With over 608,670 views this collation is by far the most widely read on my website. Please understand that I use the terms Awakening, Ascension, Freedom, Reconnection to Divine Source, and Enlightenment interchangeably.



The New Frontier: multidimensionality

- Full Colour PDF download 132 pages


Cedar Rivers extraordinary photographs of nature spirits including gnomes, elves, fairies, Pan and The Green Man prove beyond doubt that they are real. Her authentic photographs show other fascinating phenomena of the finer vibrational realms, and a variety of visitors from vastly different cultures. Descriptions of her personal experiences and journeys accompany the photographs which may open doors to your own exciting discoveries.'

Learn how YOU too can photograph Orbs, Nature Spirits, Etherics and Paranormal Activity in my book The New Frontier: multidimensionality. My articles on orbs and light beings. My book on multidimensionality is available now.

The New Frontier: multidimensionality includes a guided meditation to deepen your understanding of the subtle realms of nature, and step-by-step techniques on how to photograph orbs and other spirit beings.If you enjoy this book please share the link with your friends and social networking sites.



We Dwell Within Unified Fields of Consciousness

There is more happening in the 50 metres surrounding our physical body than we can ever know.


Learn how YOU too can photograph Orbs, Nature Spirits, Etherics and Paranormal Activity in my book The New Frontier:

The New Frontier: multidimensionality - Full Colour PDF download 132 pages

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2017 is a year of complex challenges, and also spectacular innovations and inventions

It is as if humanity is living in many different worlds where some millions, if not billions are being affected by climate change, war, social unrest, hyperinflation, bank failures, diaspora, lack of food and housing, poverty, nuclear disasters, toxicity, political and corporate corruption, and failing markets.

Simultaneously, magnificent new inventions and private and local community initiatives are greatly improving the lives of millions. There are also individual and spiritual awakenings occurring where miracles are frequent and enlightenment for some is occurring. It is prudent to be as self-sovereign as possible regardless of what world you and your loved ones dwell in.



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