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Almine's Free Course 'What Is Ascension'?

The first spiral is the path of the initiate and its goal is self-empowerment. It deals with overcoming, or releasing, the past through recapitulation. There are nine questions to be addressed in releasing the past:


• . What is the lesson?

• . What is the contract?

• . What is the role?

• . What is the mirror?

• . What is the gift?

• . Can I accept?

• . Can I allow?

• . Can I release?

• . Can I be grateful?


Then I'd add some extra questions if I could be so bold.

How does it feel to be the new me?

What Now?

What do I do with the insights and healing?

What do I do with all this freed up time now that I have incorporated the layers of lessons?


Activating the Higher Matrix of Godhood in Your DNA

'There is a communication that goes far beyond words, and when you can understand this communication, which is wordless, you can talk across the cosmos.' ~ Almine.

'Through ages of existence of cycles of life, death and ascension, there are those great lights on Earth who have felt the deep anguish of knowing that the reality of man is not their own; that a higher reality beckons. The Seer Almine has laid down a map for the magnificent journey home to the greater reality of godhood.'


'See yourself as the dawn, moving round the earth. Feel the planets turn through you. You can be any form, for you are formless form. You can take any shape: you can become the earth, the moon and the sun, or your own body. See how, even though you have become all things, there isn’t a loss of self-awareness, for you are a unique individuation. There is a loss of identity, but you’ve never really had an identity as a being as vast as the cosmos.' - excerpt from an Almine meditation




Each being is a unique perspective superimposed over all that is. …….. As the surfer becomes the wave and the skier becomes the mountain, as a dancer becomes the drum, so the master becomes one with the currents and flow of the river of life. Flowing fluidly around the rocks in the river, cooperating with the whirls and eddies along the way, the master becomes a skilful epitome of ultimate grace. …… We have to be in a state of stillness to hear the promptings of the voice of God. ..….. The essence of calmness is not to anticipate or control life, but instead, to let life come to you.




In living from your highest identity as a consciousness superimposed over all that is, the cosmos becomes your resource library. Breathe in the timelessness of the stars, the newness of the dawn, the fluid grace of the river. …… That which is real cannot be described, for it lies beyond the confines of understanding. Then how shall I hear the infinite’s voice? The song of the infinite is all there is. To interpret it, you have no choice. Thus seek not to understand, for no creation can, the glorious paradox of life. Cease to strive, but dance with delight to the song of eternal life.



Throughout our lives, we fortunate ones encounter exceptional teachers, healers, partners and friends on our journey of discovery. I count myself very fortunate indeed to have studied and shared time with some of the finest educators on the planet. During 2011 I had the great good fortune to serendipitously access the magnificent work of Almine.

Almine is described as one of the most remarkable mystics of our time and one of the best spiritual teachers. She is a gifted teacher, healer, philosopher, poet, artist, musician, singer, photographer, friend, and creator of beauty.

'She is endorsed and described as one of the greatest mystics of our time by world leaders and scientists alike. While other way-showers gather more and more students, she helps create more and more masters. Her work represents the cutting edge of mysticism; that place where the physical and the non-physical meet and new realities are born. It is here where change is rapid and insight comes quickly to wash away years of stagnation.'

Almine's teachings on Soundcloud.

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Almine's Wisdom

100 Statements - a glimpse into 'The Ring of Truth' by Almine



The Deeper Dynamic Behind the USA Government Shutdown

US Government Shutdown and Secret Government Warfare (Zombies vs Vampires)

Almine says - 'As the US debt ceiling draws closer, Almine looks at the metaphysical dynamics behind this pending event and the governmental shutdown that has occurred in the US. What does it all represent? Who is responsible behind the scenes? What are the macrocosmic implications? And most importantly, how can we heal this situation? Listen and find out…

In this recording Almine discusses the following themes and questions:
The possibility of a global financial meltdown as a result of the US government shutdown and debt ceiling.
What can lightworkers around the world do to help?
Who or what is behind the government lockdown in the United States?
Artificial lifeforms and clans that influence government behind the scenes.
Secret societies that fight each other for global dominance.
What does the small group that is holding the US government hostage represent?

The need to analyze and ‘know’ life.
Integrating the sub-personalities and additional sub-personalities of the horizontal axis.
How do we get rid of these age old tyrants?
The 4 judgments within. Overcoming these dissolves the dysfunctional sub-personalities, and subsequently the secret societies that they manifest.
Judgment 1: Primitive living and outer simplicity.
Judgment 2: What we deem moral and immoral.
Judgment 3: The moment seen as ordinary and adventure as something that is elsewhere.
Judgment 4: Preparing for the future and giving away our power.

Read Almine's Diary and Listen to This Important Talk Here



100 Statements

1. Businesses are a blessing to all connected with them in any way, producing the best products and services possible.

2. All are able to go within to get all the guidance needed from the Goddess.

3. It is now possible for every living being to reach their highest potential.

4. All now have all the free education they need to do all they are here to do, and more.

5. Education is balanced between thinking, feeling, learning, doing and seeing with inner guidance and love.

6. Education is balanced between inner expression and outer expression for the good of all.

7. The homes of all are useful, beautiful, spacious and supportive to the lives of the inhabitants: they are lived in with love,

8. There is peace and love exchanged between the human and animal kingdoms.

9. All are encouraged to share their wisdom, power, knowledge and love with others who will appreciate it.

10. There are games that challenge and delight every being and help them grow in every way.

11. All unlock the secrets of the universe and use them wisely for good.

12. Travel is available to all who wish to visit and learn from other worlds and dimensions.

13. All are able to see a measure of the Goddess’ beauty in all that surrounds them.

14. The secrets of organic life are being unlocked to bring great wisdom, knowledge and understanding to those who are ready.

15. There are schools to teach levels of perception to all who are ready to learn.

16. All are able to telepathically communicate with one another and animals when desired.

17. There is free energy available for the individual and collective use of all.

18. All have ideal foods that are delicious, healthy and life enhancing.

19. Ascension is made easy for those who are ready.

20. All have opportunities to share their gifts, abilities, talents and lives with others.

21. The waters are pristine and clear

22. The atmosphere of the earth is maintained in a condition that is healthy for all life.

23. The land of the earth is cared for and maintained in a way that is ideal to produce fertility and sustainability for all life.

24. Beings of love, light and mastery are always available to teach, remove the illusion of disease and instruct all who desire it.

25. The vibrations over the surface of the earth are periodically raised to a higher level of love, light and joy as the beings in each area are ready for it.

26. All have work that brings joy, growth and attainment.

27. All on earth teach that which they have learned to those who wish to know.

28. Everyone has access to travel that is free and joyful.

29. Each female of the cosmos holds in highest esteem her power, strength, beauty, nurturing love, sensuality, wisdom and oneness with all Creation as it resides within.

30. All females’ words of wisdom are revered throughout the cosmos.

31. All females reflect the pure essence of the divine Mother.

32. The clear choice of life is what is life-enhancing. Let all focus on it.

33. All are one.

34. Forgiveness is the key that turns on the light within.

(There is no actual word for ‘forgiveness’; this statement reads ‘at- onement is the key’, etc.)

35. Be the cause that knows there is nothing separate.

36. Love yourself while loving the Goddess with all your heart, mind and strength.

37. May the Spirit of Mother transmute every misthought and misperception.

38. See the reflection of Mother in all and know your divinity.

39. Let go and be peace.

40. The Goddess is perfect love—let all nature reflect this.

41. Effortless knowing occurs within the silence of the mind.

42. I am all that I am here and now, ascended and immortal.

43. We are all whole in our oneness, now.

44. There is only love and the other pure emotions.

45. May others become enlightened as I do.

46. All life is appreciated.

47. Children are born with their hearts open wide, with awareness of and trust in mother’s love.

48. All life prospers and blooms with love.

49. All kingdoms and realms live in harmony with diversity, and in support of each other.

50. All life knows and loves Mother and reflects Her perfection every day in every way.

51. All sense and live the magic in their lives every moment.

52. Every feeling, thought or act of love, praise and gratitude increases the same attitude in ourselves and others.

53. Mother’s love streams through our hearts.

54. In unity and with joy, all beings evolve with kindness, gentleness and unconditional love and light.

55. Lightness of being uplifts us and makes us aware of our highest identity as a being as vast as the cosmos.

56. Our light shines effortlessly, as does our love flow effortlessly like rivers.

57. We are free to express our fullest potential.

58. We know all that we are.

59. We live in the moment, expressing the fullness of love in every form.

60. The love in our hearts enables us to see clearly and know our truth.

61. All beings awaken from the dream of identity.

62. Love is lived within the heart of every being.

63. We know we are the love of the universe.

64. We sing with joy.

65. We live our highest truth within every moment.

66. Like souls come together, creating families of light.

67. A deep, loving recognition is felt for others of like energy.

68. We know we are the One being mirrored many times.

69. Illusion falls away this moment, without even an echo remaining.

70. Love moves through every aspect of our being.

71. All beings live in awakened awareness.

72. Universal love flows freely throughout the cosmos.

73. Mother bestows grace and abundance in the hearts of all children.

74. All children know and feel the love and mercy that encompasses all Creation.

75. All hearts are comforted.

76. All children have inspiration, support and love.

77. All have an environment of love in which to express.

78. Fathers give enduring support and nurturance to mothers and children.

79. Children are taught to love all life, enabling them to experience other dimensions.

80. Earth expands in an infinite glory of light and love that vibrates throughout all Creation.

81. All children receive guidance through love.

82. Children respect and love their parents.

83. There is a revelation of the Mother’s infinite light, brighter than the heavens have ever known.

84. All children are parented with the same support and nurturing Mother gives all Creation.

85. Parenting is regarded as a privilege and honor by all.

86. Children know and express their creative gifts.

87. The rays of love, praise and gratitude permeate all thought.

88. All express all pure emotions and rays of light embodied by Mother.

89. Relationships with animals as companions are established by mutual consent.

90. All beings are innocent as they dance through life.

91. All beings feel at home and welcome wherever they are.

92. All are aware of the inter-connectedness of life.

93. All feel free to manifest their hearts’ purest desires.

94. Only life-enhancing words and energies are expressed.

95. The sacred city of light takes form for all to see.

96. The Mother is consciously known and revered by every being.

97. Mother’s public reign of the cosmos from earth begins.

98. Angels and other beings of light are visible to all.

99. Miracles abound to uplift all.

100. To the Mother forever give all glory.





A feast of Almine's teachings on Soundcloud

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Almine's Prediction for the week of November 18 – November 24, 2012
Your senses will be sharp this week. It is the time to eliminate addictions to food and to replace them with foods that inspire. Explore the details of your world and allow answers to come effortlessly.

Almine is a magnificent teacher whose generosity knows no bounds.

Belvaspata, healing of the heart, is a sacred modality that heals with light and frequency.

''Many different people have written to us over the past few weeks, with their comments and questions… (“is anyone else feeling this way?”) stating various physical experiences that they have been noticing lately. They mention headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, body temperature fluctuations, indigestion, coughing and chest congestion, fatigue, weakness, anger, sadness or other strong emotions. What does it all mean? Well, if you have been to a retreat with Almine or experienced yoga, Belvaspata, online courses and ceremonies – you may be thinking, “Ah, this sounds familiar!” Any or all of the above mentioned can be signs and symptoms of detoxing as we dissolve, release and surrender to that which no longer serves us. When we surrender and allow, we can then move to a higher frequency, to new awareness and perception which is experienced on all levels, including the physical. During these types of shifts, we are reminded to drink lots of water, rest and sleep as needed, be in nature and to generally follow our own inner guidance in support of our process.''

'The miraculous life and unprecedented teachings of the mystic Almine has created a growing wave of interest from truth seekers around the world. Drawn to her compassion, many have followed her from continent to continent, only to find that every spiritual retreat she presents has been based on completely new information received directly from Source as life unfolds anew. Many miracles surround her day by day throughout her extraordinary life, most of it untold, overshadowed by the vast revelations and unparalleled mystical teachings that pour through her in numerous heavenly languages. Almine's spiritual retreats represent the cutting edge of mysticism; that place where the physical and the non-physical meet and new realities are born. It is here where change is rapid and insight comes quickly to wash away years of stagnation. Almine's Prediction for the week of June 17 – June 23, 2012
Deep forces, like magma at the core of the Earth, will be at work within you. This is not a week for big decisions, but it could yield the beginning of life-changing insights and freedom from very ancient binding ties.'





Bringing Heaven To Earth

This will not be an easy transition for many. Transparency, political conflicts, egoic shifts, physical changes, earth changes, and an awareness of the illusions we have bought as real need to be seen in a newer and truer light.  We need to rise above it all and see these changes through the wisdom of our hearts.     Almine says:

Since the end of linear time in February of 2013, extraordinary events have been occurring throughout the cosmos, ushering in a new god reality to form amongst man. In these momentous times, described by Almine as ‘bringing heaven to Earth’, access to godhood and into a highly evolved state of being has been greatly increased.

Six Ways to Eliminate Ego by Almine

We can eliminate ego by:
1. Claiming our 'undesirable' parts as parts of ourselves that have lost their 'song'.
2. Releasing resentment against the pace of life. Our resentment indicates that ego wishes to keep control.
3. Living a surrendered life that knows that the folly of others should be observed (but not engaged) as the mirrors of areas within ourselves where we need to express the song of self.
4. Relinquishing all need to define ourselves and to be understood.
5. Ruthlessly eliminating the focus on what is not the way we want it to be - this only increases the illusion of lack.
6. Contemplating deeply the meaning of the great truth: "Nothing can ever be truly obsolete".


Secrets of Dragon Magic by Almine

'The information given by the custodians of these sacred records, the dragons of Avondar, is life-altering in its scope and power. The magical life is as natural to them as breathing, requiring no learnt methodology.

The powerful influence of these sacred records is designed to restore the magic of man in two ways: Firstly by removing the blockages to these innate and natural abilities and secondly to enhance consciousness through increased perception. With increased consciousness comes increased resources and hence, also enhanced abilities.

The crux of the magical life is the reduction of the gap between cause and effect; between intent and manifestation. To achieve this, density has to be decreased. The removal of illusions can be called the main purpose of this book. It is also the key to magic by reducing density in our lives.'

May these holy records and their groundbreaking revelations restore the precious heritage of man: A life of incorruptible white magic.